A little piece of Heaven fell to Earth

Newborn photography is regarded in the photography world as the hardest genre. It takes skill and patience to create baby art, plus a genuine love of your subject. Our team at Babies ‘n’ Bumps have collectively a unique set of skills which individually would guarantee outstanding images.
Put these together and synergistically you are looking at creating an outstanding work of art.

Newborn photography: no other image is so crucial, as it can never be re-taken – to capture the beauty and innocence of a baby is such an amazing privilege.

The team at Babies ‘n’ Bumps believe the safety of both the baby and Mum are paramount, and have undergone many hours of training with some of the world’s top newborn trainers.
These include courses provided by Orange County and LA photographer Anna Brandt, owner of  newborn and pregnancy site bellybabylove, and leading family photography trainer Meg Bitton  of Meg Bitton.com.
These workshops vary from the basics of safe handling practices, right through to the different techniques of wrapping and use of props.
We still constantly review our working methods, and regularly have staff training days.

Prayers are not answered, they are born.

We also believe in hand editing.
As a professional graphic designer, Micky edits all the images by hand in photoshop.
All photographers edit their images, but most use what are called actions in the process. Actions are similar to the filters you might find on instagram. You can press a button and the skin will smooth out, press another and the teeth become white, another will sharpen the eyes.
While these can produce a nice result, they are a shortcut which can never be a one filter fits all solution.
We don’t use them. Although this makes our workflow slower, we are in control of every detail – to make sure each image is processed to our extremely high standard.
This is why we don’t promise X amount of images from a shoot.
Yes, you will get amazing images, but only amazing images make it through the selection and editing process.

Our team are real life couple Heidi and Micky.
Heidi is a busy mother of three, and Micky’s background is photography, graphic design and photo editing.
Have a look at their bios, linked below.
Together they form the core of Babies ‘n’ Bumps.
With the help of assistants and trainees, the B’n’B team is growing!!!

Micky Dunn

Head Photographer

Before you were born, I carried you under my heart!