Heidi is our chief baby wrangler.
Her experience stems from practical experience learnt the hard way.
For Heidi, as if it wasn’t enough to undergo three difficult births, the third one was a rare complication known as a Bandl’s ring which necessitated an emergency c-section.
Because of this, all Heidi’s babies were wrapped, simply so she could move and handle them, so wrapping became second nature.
This meant, a lot of the training, for her at least, was merely a refresher.
Heidi loves children, and would be around them all day if she could.
Practical and pragmatic, she has been through so many ups and downs over the years with her own family, nothing phases her steady approach.

heidi headshot

As a busy mum of three, whose ages range from 8 to 12, it’s incredible Heidi still finds time to fit in any of the things she loves to do!
The long list of activities Heidi throws herself into, include marathon running, rock climbing, skiing, and wakeboarding.
Being a competing bodybuilder, Heidi’s dedication and determination saw her win the IBFA Miss England title in 2016.
One of her greatest passions, after her children, is travel.
With a bucket list of dream destinations, from Cambodia to Cuba, along with Micky she is steadily ticking them off one by one.
A trained make up artist, she styles before and adjusts during shoots.
Her main job is the care, safety and handling of babies – on other shoots Heidi assists with lighting, staging, props and also fills in as a second shooter when needed.

Clockwise from top left:
The day before winning IBFA Miss England 2016
In front of Angkor Wat, Cambodia 2017
With Micky at the Ibex statue, Pointe de la Masse, Three Valleys 2015
Wakeboarding on Lake Windermere 2014