Newborn Info

“Newborn photography can be the most challenging genre of all types of photography, but can also be the most rewarding”

Newborn photography. A time sensitive once only shoot which captures so much of something so small.
Here at Babies ‘n’ Bumps, we capture forever the most amazing period in the human life cycle.
We believe in memories hanging on walls where it can be seen – rather than on a memory stick which is never looked at.
With three children all under 11 (and one grown up) and our love of travel, our home is full of wall art, a mixture of family and places we have been.
You will never tire of seeing amazing shots of your children on the walls of your home.
Every day they change so much, being able to remember the way they began, and how much they have grown is priceless, and a privilege for us to be involved.

“The people you love most in the world, shouldn’t just be found on your computer and phone. Your family photographs belong on the walls of your home.”

The way we shoot newborns is studio based.
This way everything can be planned and set up with the minimum of fuss, along with moving from set to set.
With baby safety paramount, everything we do, and how we do it has been rehearsed and assessed for potential hazards.
Our studio lighting is all cordless removing possible cable trips, and all the stands are heavy gauge stainless steel weighed down with sandbags.
There is an area for mum to sit, watch, and often feed.
An area for changing, a supply of wipes, pampers, pads, hand sanitiser etc.
Everything, literally everything is washed after every session, so each shoot starts with a fresh set of wraps, and outfits.

When Should I Book?

As early as possible, ideally at 12 weeks if you know you will be wanting a newborn shoot.
We will make a provisional booking for you based on your due date.
Two weeks before the date, we will get in touch to see how things are, and to reconfirm the booking.
We will also keep in touch around this time, discretely, to find out when you do give birth.

Do you take a deposit/retainer?

Yes, we take a 50% retainer on booking.
This applies to all shoots, as the studio will be booked
There will also normally be two members of staff waiting for your arrival.
With newborn shoots however we are flexible as the situation is often dynamic.
If there is anything whatsoever which would impact the health and safety of your new baby, we will reschedule.

What age is best for a shoot?

We like to have newborns anywhere from 8 to 12 days old.
We prefer 10 days, this would be our preferred age.
However if circumstances dictate this is not possible, don’t worry. We are happy to wait until the time is right.
Some newborn photographers refuse to shoot after 12 days.
Yes, it can be more difficult as the baby is often not as sleepy, plus side we get great shots of their eyes.
As the baby gets older, their ligaments start to form, and the elasticity which helps them stay comfortably rolled up in the womb is lost. This means certain poses and wraps won’t be attempted, but there will be plenty of other options.

How long will the shoot last?

We should be able to have everything done in about 2 hours.
Sometimes things don’t go according to plan.
For any number of reasons, we allow at least an extra hour.

Who will handle my baby?

A fully trained and experienced member of staff, Heidi.
We find most mothers are happy to sit back and relax, and enjoy watching.
We also find the sleepiest babies burst into life as soon as they smell mums scent.

How do I book shoots such as 'Reflection'?

The reflection shoot, along with a certain other options, are a special booking.
This again would be something we discuss at your consultation.
We would need you to come into the studio twice, before and after the birth.
You can of course combine this with a maternity and a newborn shoot.
With these type of shot there is a lot of time spent in post production.
For more information, a blog post about one of our trademark shoots can be found here: Reflection Shoot

Are combined Bump and Baby shoots discounted?

Yes they are.
If you book a Maternity shoot with us, and at the same time schedule a newborn shoot then there will be a discount.

What happens after the shoot?

After the shoot, we will invite you back for a viewing session.
Here we will run through the different options we have available to purchase, along with samples to touch and feel.